The benefits of team away days

Published: 01st June 2010
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Businesses aim to do well through innovative ideas, motivation and a great team behind the scenes who help keep all the cogs turning. Team members should feel valued as employees of a company or organisation and know how important the role they play is to the output of the business.

Team building weekends, away days and conferences are a great way to provide time out of the office to exchange ideas, devise new goals and for individual team members to voice new directions. If your budget allows it then team outings can provide opportunities and benefit your business when it comes to the bigger picture.

Building relationships
Teams who work together can often be complex. People leave and new employers join. Team building days are often named this because they provide great opportunities for members, old and new to work together on something outside of the office. It is an opportunity for newer members of the team to show what skills they have and team members who have been part of the team for some time to develop more effective working relationships with them.

Change of scene
Whether you decide on an activity weekend for your team, or decide to hold a conference in the city, the out of office environment will have a positive effect. Teams can often benefit from discussing business objectives in a different context to the office, for instance conferences, as it encourages those who do not usually speak up to voice their ideas.

Discussing business in a spacious university building rather than the busy environment of a confined office space can be revitalising and refreshing for your team members.

Positive experiences to share
Conferences or team activities whether they are for a weekend or a day will always be memorable and a topic of conversation for the rest of the working year. Colleagues can share these positive and memorable experiences to further develop bonds and use them productively in a business context.

Opportunity to shine
Activities and icebreakers mean everyone has the opportunity to get involved during the day or weekend. Managers have the chance to be in roles where they are delegated to and those who normally work under managers have the chance to delegate. Everybody gets the chance to perform in different roles allowing team mates to see their colleagues in a whole new light, giving them a greater understanding of their strengths and talents.

Employees will enjoy the experience and feel valued. Depending on your budget you can organise weekends where you will be doing activities or games, ideally ones that involve teams. If it is a new project that needs to be discussed then you can create a more relaxed environment by organising a conference where you all take part in icebreakers.

Provide refreshments and a set lunch or even organise a meal in the evening at a restaurant to allow your staff to wind down for a day. A work environment is important to maintain productivity, but ideas can often thrive in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Homerton Conference Centre is a Cambridge conference venue situated within 25 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland.

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